Lux Summer Theological Institute for Youth
Hear the Cries of the Poor: Thinking Theologically about Poverty and Hunger

After much consideration and consultation, we have decided to postpone this summer’s Lux Summer Theological Institute for Youth. 

This decision was not an easy one to make, but it reflects the reality of our nation’s continued piecemeal recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Because this is a national program and not every state or region has dealt with the pandemic in the same manner, we feel that it is in the best interest of our students’ health and safety to delay the program for one more year. This approach has also been adopted by other major summer programs, including the Office of Presbyterian Youth and Triennium and the ELCA Youth Gathering. 

Students who have been admitted to this summer’s Lux Summer Theological Institute for Youth and are still eligible to attend the Institute next year will be admitted to the 2023 program.


Think Creatively:

Approach enviromental justice, hunger, poverty, and food insecurity from a new perspective

Work for the common good:

Use your faith to make a difference in the world through service, interfaith cooperation, and interdisciplinary learning opportunities.

Experience worship:

Learn and lead unique opportunities for spiritual growth and practice.

Build community:

Engage new ideas and journey alongside students from faith communities around the U.S. who think differently than you do.

Discern your call:

Who does God want me to be? Cultivate the skills needed to listen to your life.

Have fun:

Create something inspiring, experience joy, step outside your comfort zone and express yourself.

The Lux Summer Theological Institute for Youth is a two-week opportunity for high school students to engage pertinent topics in theological inquiry, learn new modes of worship and spiritual practice, participate in service, experience interfaith activities, and explore their vocation.

The Lux Institute encourages a welcoming, diverse community that challenges students to think creatively about their faith and the impact it can have on the world. Students come from around the country for a life-changing experience that makes a difference for their churches and communities.